I can do the fuck I want at home! Sharing Home Office setup, right monitor is private

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    omg that light...don't your eyes bleed?
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    @molaram Nah, I have a seperate day-light light fixture that keeps me awake all night.
    Use use that (the over hanging light in pic) in meetings, but turn the top light off
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    Haha, I have the same lamp and the light facing the wall, for the aesthetics of course 😂
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    A whole monitor just for Pisscord...
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    @pythonInRelay and YouTube. Video playing looks suspiciously like Space Engineers.
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    @amoux that vial looks a lot like cock cream

    Nice kb btw
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    @pythonInRelay Better than WhatsApp tho

    @kwilliams Random german comedy series

    Was makin‘ lunch where I stream my monitor to the living room, it’s usually just tidal or netflix
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    @molaram I’d drip all over this kb looking damn hawt gnnnnn uwu

    (you haven’t noticed my dildo???)
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