I just wanted to show what i built.
Devrant meet projector clock.

It uses atmega and one generic 7x5 LED matrix and some rtc chip.

It projects current time on the wall opposite in scroll manner.

I also want to add internet connectivity to it next. So as to show reminders and slack notifications. Work is on for that thing.

(If you want to build one here is the code
https://github.com/rohitshetty/... ).

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    That is really cool! How long did it take?
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    @Minnow I didn't do it in one sit. So can't really tell.
    I had to do it layer by layer.
    Started with building a custom board and then interfacing matrix for displaying and writing font system.
    Then interfaced RTC.
    And finally figured out the optics.
    It took me a month together with college, exams and startup work to do this.
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