Clickbait will never change.
It's the most stable and constant source of mild annoyance.

2019 internet:

"These 3 programming languages will net you the highest salary"
"Ten home improvement tips using nothing but recycled underwear"
"How to cut onions like a real chef"

2020 internet:

"3 programming languages to learn while being bored in self-quarantine"
"Ten ways to use underwear as facemasks during the pandemic"
"Onions might cure corona, click here to learn how to cut them"

2030 internet:

"These 3 programming languages will increase your chances of survival in the wastelands"
"Ten ways to patch up your shelter against radioactive ashes using old underpants"
"Hydroponic onions are a good source of nutrients. Here's how you cut them with your camping knife"

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    But for real tough, how do you cut onions right? 😂
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    They all have one thing in common:

    This one type of author should be immediately banned from writing, typing or podcasting.
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    What would that underwear be to shield you from radiation?
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    oh man I feel you, I remember that a friend of mine was constantly posting shit from the Huffigton Post(or whatever that shit is called) with articles like "buying chocolate: why you are doing it wrong", "going out for a run and why you are doing it wrong", "movie watching: things you are doing wrong"

    And I was like fuck me man how much of an anal asshole do you have to be to write that shit and how fucking retarded are you to keep sharing that shit as if it was making you a better person?

    I hate people so much sometimes.
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    @kamen Click "next" in the slideshow to find out!
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    Garlic is currently sold out all over town because of some retarded clickbait articles praising it as a coronavirus cure.
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    My favorite is the one where they say masturbation helps protect you from coronavirus. I swear, I just saw it, I did not look that up specifically. Please believe me. I did not make it up.

    I gotta go now. I need to protect myself from the virus. I'm only doing this for me and for everybody. W-wait, I think my penis is coughing.
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    @rutee07 It only works if you shout your best friend's name while you drive your pinkie deep into your butthole though.

    Or... so I've heard.
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    @bittersweet speaking of onions, this is what I got a few minutes ago:
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    @Wombat I keep seeing that one. I thought it was a demented large nipple or some shit. Now I remember it and imagine a woman screaming every time I'm slicing an onion.
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    Nice one
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    @bittersweet i wish people would believe me thatdog shit cures corona. I got lots of it in my backyard
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