Tried to simulate spreading of viruses in quarantined vs non-quarantined environment.

Non-quarantined people are not understanding the concept of boundaries.

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    Btw I was able to complete it
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    The best way to stop this virus is to bring flamethrowers in public and start spraying everyone with the warmth of death's embrace.
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    @shiv7071007 nice!
    An idea to improve the simulation : make the red dots dissappear after a while (death) , or turn to blue (recovered)
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    Washingtonpost did basically the same in a really really good way. Highly recommend it

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    @react-guy @Kimmax thanks guys. My main goal was to experiment with the library used : processing. But ur comments gave me an idea about considering more facts while simulating.
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    To make it most realistic, assign random immunity (in range 0 to 1) to all dots, if the immunity is below threshold, say 0.25, they die in 1 day, if it's above, their recovery time will vary accordingly, and assume that if they caught covid for more than 5 days, they will be quarantined.
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