So turns out I've been off devrant for about a month... What did I miss?

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    happy devs in quarantine? 😄
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    mostly just rants and memes about covid-19
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    @M1sf3t ... Feck
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    Just a bunch of people whining how they feel alone and depressed for not “SoCiAlIzInG” and being alone with their own thoughts for more than a fucking day.

    I live in a world of shit dealing on a daily basis with some of the world’s biggest retards and idiots and sociopaths and criminals and also have quite a vivid imagination and blood-soaked thoughts yet I don’t get depressed for being alone at night?

    I do admit I live with my dog. But still.
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    @molaram dogs do seem to be a big help.
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    @molaram different people deal and cope in different ways with the same situations.
    Just because you're surrounded by shit and you manage to deal with it, doesn't mean that nobody is allowed to get depressed by the current situation, even if they're not surrounded by shit.
    And no, it has nothing to do with "learning how to deal with it".
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    @endor you're right mate. My other me was being an asshole again :))
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