npm audit has gone wild since GitHub (aka Microsoft) acquisition, they surely found a way to influence the community.

Now, guys, embrace the creeping evil until deno is really out.

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    aaaaand then we will be back in again with shit libraries added as dependencies o.0

    I am hoping for the best, I really like node and I really like the ideas behind deno
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    @AleCx04 Speaking of ideas behind deno, ry has been quite explicit that he's not into limiting the open source community via private/commercial acts.

    I mean, open source has always been a pyramid of shits with a few shiny top stars, no?
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    What happened?
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    @PrivateGER assuming a genuine question, npm audit is essentially enterprise level nitpicking on open source community.

    With the ongoing trend It will overload most package authors and remove the great community it’s been building all along, what you understand today as JavaScript is essentially npm and node.js and someone has bought it and toying with it.
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    @PrivateGER by explaining to you I think I understand more on why ry was so against a centralised private registry back then, thanks
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