A global pandemic - it's the time of the year when you can legally enter Bank premises wearing a mask w/o drawing any attention.

It's the time of the year when every crime is carried out by "criminals wearing a mask"

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    That last statement isn't true, though. Look at those *corrupted*, I mean US politicians that sold for tens of millions of shares right before the market crashes.

    By the way, did you shave? It feels "off"
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    @Jilano ikr.. It doe feel off :/ and my chin freezes when I'm outside :/
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    @netikras Then... Why? Was it a dare? Do you have to wear specific masks that can't fit with a beard?
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    @Jilano naah, I thought to myself that 3 years is enough :)

    The beard had it's purpose - to hide my double chin. Now that I've lost 25+kg I no longer have this problem and can afford being more pleasant to my wifey ;) Also beard allows viruses to spread easier (a hint from some italian folks). Not a fact that caused me to make any decisions, but it's a nice plus for sure ;)
    And since I've left the city for the whole quarantine period, however long it may take, I'll be staying in a village with my fam. That's a pleasant change. So why not make those months even more different
    from BAU by changing into the new-old-me :D

    I still have to get used to the view in the mirror :D
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    @netikras Those are compelling arguments, but still... I hope that one day, I'll be as brave as you, son.

    In the meantime, I'll be needing that "beard club" card back. Sorry
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    @Jilano sure! Who knows, maybe I'll ask it back some day :)
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