I wrote a longer rant but fell asleep while trying to write it. I just wanted to say FUCK EMAIL. Fuck it all. It is cancer. Setting up a mail service for sending "forgot your password?" and registration confirmation type messages is one of the shittiest computer related tasks I've done in my entire life.

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    A task like that shouldnt give you a mental breakdown. Take it easy man
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    Setting up mail services is easy. Just set up postfix, have sendmail on a server and there you go
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    I just want to develop software, man, not be stuck in these setups and configurations
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    You can buy this service nowadays.
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    I'm with you bro. I had to fix a bug in an on prem application that needs to be configured to point to an SMTP server in order to email a report. The fix was one line but it took me friggin forever to set that shit up in my dev environment. Even longer to walk qa through setting up their environment
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    Use AWS SES, it's basically free for small to moderate volumes and takes care of all the crap.

    Just gives you an SMTP server to point to then away you go!
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    @AlmondSauce ooh, thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into this particular one
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    Don't run your own email server if you can avoid it.
    Because of all the countermeasures to fight SPAM, it keeps getting harder to configure one so it is accepted by other mail servers. And the smaller your mail service is in comparison to the big service providers, the more likely it is to get blacklisted by some big list for some minor reason.
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