CompanyYouNeverHeardOf sends you IrrelevantNewsletter512... so you hunt for the unsubscribe link, which you find buried in the boilerplate crap at the bottom of the mail, rendered in #eee on a #fff background, in 4-point type, and click that. End up on a web site that asks you like 8 times if you're sure you want to leave and please, reconsider, we're nice folk really, blah blah blah. And then you get *another* email from them saying they received your unsubscribe request, and *then* yet another to confirm that yes, you unsubscribed, and please feel free to re-sub anytime (as if!)


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    @BassClefBuddha good point. Or just "spam" it in Gmail. What gets me is, what do these companies think they're achieving by subscribing people to their list who've never been to their site in the first place?

    And what about all those companies where, you buy a thing/service/app, and just because of that they think you want their mail? ARGH
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    I suggest you post the company URL , sit back and watch out what a strong community like Mhh... DevRant for example thinks and can do....
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    @nox-do I'll do that for the next one that does it. I have a bet going with my girlfriend that I could be *nice* for 24 hours, so... I'll let them off, this time.
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    I like how some of them say it will take 5 days to unsubscribe. 😒
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    And that's why we invented procmail, yes it's old school and overkill but still beats most client or webmail filters.
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    Don't know for you, but every time i unsubscribed a list, I receive 10 other spams. How to be sure an email exist and is active? Unsubscribe! :p
    Filter this shit! Or use an UTM firewall to stop on entry point.
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    Pro Tip: Filter emails the contain the words "Unsubscribe" or "Email Preferences". Anything that contains those words is guaranteed marketing. Might get some false positives in there, but it just might be worth it.
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    @BassClefBuddha that used to be true but later years those spammers don't bother with verifying if the email is valid or not. Its easier and cheeper to just send ten times as many.

    So unsubscribe is not aa likely to increase spam.

    But of cause, it always a good idea to see if the links looks like a real company or totally fake.

    Also, the 5 days might be to account for the fact that emails actually might stay queued on a server several days.

    One time when I sent an email on a Friday and the recipient called Tuesday because their mail server died Friday and when they got it online Monday, our server had a retry time of 24 hours :/.

    So even if they process the unsubscribe directly there might be emails already in the pipe that will be delivered so they say 5 days to avoid getting sued.
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    Company you have never heard of calls at 6am and doesn't stop calling you through out your work day about a job. You finally answer and tell them you have a job already. Then they try to get you to switch jobs for an extra 2k a year at a company that will likely exist by the end of the year.
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    LinkedIn and Quora be like
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