know what pisses me the fuck off? when the manager of another department jumps over me and goes straight to the head of my department for a request that they want from MY department.

Currently, there are 2 stupid bitches that insist on doing this fuckery. One of them keeps getting owned by our DBA since for whatever reason she sends her requests to me, just for the DBA to remind her that I ain't giving her access to shit and bla bla

The other is the head of the human resources department. It goes like this: sends wrong data, task gets delayed cuz we have to sort her shit, gets impatient, bitches at head of department and his boss about us taking long(bitch 3 hours ain't long and your shit ain't critical) just for me to reply back with images and LOOK FUCKTARD YOU MESS THIS UP red arrows showing how what she did was wrong and I had to fix it for her.

Sends a reply back only to me saying thanks, ah no pendeja, I will forward aaaaaaall of that shit to everyone else, tried throwing me under the bus? well now ima do it to you.

And fuck those 3 applications you requested, have fun adding shit manually through spreadsheets and then go eat shit and die.

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    People like that are why I smoke. Why can't people be cool?
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    I have similar situations as this. As "IT" you are in a support role and everyone else thinks that means they get to tell you what and how to do it.
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    I always feel for the people going thru that craziness from a co-worker. It's the worst. And every time I think maybe I should ask them to refer me, especially if they're leaving.

    One of the few things I'm good at is getting under people's skin.

    Imagine, a business where you just rent out assholes to people with horrible coworkers?
    Newbie comes in, like wedding crashers but for temp agencies, mentally destroys the asshole in question and leaves when the contracts up.
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    @SortOfTested dont blame people on why you are smoking. It was your choice to have an emotional crutch. Find other ways to relax, switch workplaces, try remote work, exercise and meditate. Smoking is just fcking stupid
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    I had similar situation where this guy from other department went to my Manager when he needed something I'm handling. Whenever he came via my manager I did the task at 2X amount of time. Got one opportunity to know the task directly and without involving the manager. That time, did the task taking half the time. Smart guy learnt the way I want and now comes directly to me.
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