Look what I'm fixing to say is gonna make seem like a cunt and it'll probably be deserved but at the same time, I think it should be said too.

The increasingly high number of people fishing for compliments and attention because of their CHOSEN profession being important in the current times is starting get old as fuck.

I've seen so many people fishing for compliments; rather it be medical workers or truck drivers because their job is more important now than usual.

Like don't get me wrong, they're all necessary for society to function. But for crying out loud y'all chose this profession for yourselves. You knew this could happen whenever you decided to go to school for your job. You don't hear server admins bragging and fishing for attention whenever they restore access to a service.

Just do your job, know that everyone appreciates what you're doing even if it's not being verbally said, and let it end there. Personally feel that if you went into the medical field for the praise and recognition, then you went in there for the wrong reason.

Anyways, y'all stay safe and let's get this shit show over with already. Ya boy is going insane

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    Meh, they're working overtime and medical professionals are putting themselves at unusual levels of risk. It's not exactly what they signed up for.
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    You see them fishing for compliments, I see them trying to live themselves having to work while everyone else gets to fuck off at home all day 😂
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    Saw a LinkedIn post from someone who got a job stacking shelves "to help out in this time of need" not only picking up hours that someone who needs the work could use but to do it just to brag about it is disgusting to me.
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    Everyone's fishing for compliments but why not fish for insults? It's 2020 get with the times and cyber bullying, people!

    Am I the only masochist on devrant or what?
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    To be honest it's not necessarily the people who are doing the "important work" fishing for compliments as it is people fishing for compliments on their behalf. Nothing really changed, these people were always doing important jobs, they're just the ones who don't get a break right now.

    @m1sf3t you got it dude. That's the other side of the coin. Finding a reason to go on in such a crap industry, for fuck all except extra risk.
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    "You don't hear server admins bragging and fishing for attention whenever they restore access to a service"

    You clearly don't work with the same server admins I do 😂
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    Respect for the "!dev" warning. Some people don't have a decency.
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