After eating nothing but fresh food/ingredients for the past year, I ordered a carne asada burrito from Cafe Rio. I remember liking them, and it tastes just like I remember, but I'm amazed at how little flavor it has by comparison. It's maybe a third as flavorful as my salads? A quarter? ☹

Eating well really spoils you.

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    Yea well, odering pasta for example tortellini carbonara here is a different experience every time.

    It tastes different each time I order.
    Sometimes more ham, sometimes less.
    Sometimes more spice, sometimes less.
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    I get what you mean, but this has been pretty a pretty regular experience eating out.

    Low-quality food has made me feel sick; high-quality food hasn't, but has been bland and a disappointment.

    I had some Del Taco a couple months ago. The shells tasted more like cardboard than corn, the lettuce had no flavor and was limp (pretty normal for fast food), and the meat just didn't taste like much. The Del Scorcho sauce, which used to be my favorite, tasted like chemicals. I was shocked. and really sad because Del Taco used to be my absolute favorite. The worst bit is I felt a little sick the rest of the night.

    I ordered curry some time ago, too. Because of how little sugar I've been eating, it was insanely sweet -- tasted like drinking candy. For comparison, I fins 88% chocolate pretty sweet. But that curry made my heart start pounding. I actually took my pulse, and it was 118 bpm 😖 my resting is about 60. Apparently sugar does increase your heart rate, as I read afterward. I ended up giving it to the dogs.

    I ordered some Red Robin ("gourmet burgers"); idk when. It was honestly pretty good, and I could tell they used quality ingredients, but it also very tasteless compared to my cooking. Kind of like the cafe rio. My cheeseburger salads are considerably better, and much cheaper. I did really enjoy the onion rings though. They're kind of the best thing ever :3

    I never thought I'd surpass restaurant quality food in my own kitchen. And I also never thought I'd be kind of annoyed because of it, but now I have to cook everything and I dun wanna. 🙁

    Totally not trying to sound like I'm bragging or anything. I'm just annoyed that I can't eat out anymore. I used to really enjoy it. Also, cooking is really time consuming, especially making food for four people, and I just don't have that much time anymore. I'd rather pay someone else to, but then it's all bland and meh.
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    I guess the whole point I'm making is that I had no idea the quality of American food was so terrible.
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    @Root holy crap, honestly, I've heard that the food there was bad but didn't think it was that bad.

    And don't worry about me thinking you're bragging, saying that your cooking had surpassed restaurant quality.
    I think the same of my cooking mostly, it seems normal so no problem.
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    @Root Sorry to be that guy but I am American and cheap peruvian food doesn't taste bad in the least. In La Conga they serve you mountains of squid rings with spices, onion, and a sauce called tiger milk which fucking rocks.
    Also pizza. Pizza from Güerrín never tasted bad.
    Gotta pick your cheap food places in America right ;)
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