when Microsoft just doesn't care about security

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    You could actually just clicked "x". :/
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    @g-m-f post em. Give to meee!!!!
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    Yay, we've found a vulnerability that let's us own any system that wasn't updated in the last 15 years! You guys with 233MHz Pentium III:s better watch out, because your 20GB hard drives aren't safe anymore.
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    @Grumpy 1337 H4x0r. Let's defend ppl!!!!
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    @SweetHuman Ooops, I just realized this wasn't a Windows 2000 vulnerability. The password box says "network password", not login, so it's probably Windows 95. In other words, there is no login. The password is only used for unlocking the networking credential store.

    So, you don't need to do anything the animation shows. Just press Esc, and you can run Windows 95 locally without network access.
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    @Grumpy But...but what about the fun they are having by bashing windows? Stop interrupting their fun :(
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    Well played
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