"During this crisis, we all need to stand together. We're contributing by providing 50% off domain registrations"

"Important COVID-19 update: Social distancing is a must. Free shipping on all dildos and vibrators"

Pandemic-themed marketing emails... 😩

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    Pornhub giving away free premium >>
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    @Stuxnet hmm...

    Cspire just gave its customers 25gb of extra data. Now I wonder where I could spend that 🤔
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    I always get free shipping when I order in bulk. I've seen some reviews of people receiving the sex toys in indiscreet packaging though. One even said her mother received the package and the box has a clear description ("vibrating egg" or something like that) of what's inside. I imagine:

    Mother: "What is this?!"
    Me: "It's for you."
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    @rutee07 Ordering sex toys in bulk? How many sex toys you go through dude?
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    @vomitmachine I prefer not to answer that question as this is a private and sensitive matter to me.

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    Like a ballpit. But full of vibrating floppy dragon dildos.

    No diving.
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