Yes LinkedIn, the middle of a pandemic is the perfect time to make a career move.

Turn off your marketing campaigns assholes!

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    What if it’s an ancient cron job?
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    Some German media continued to automatically create "reports" before soccer matches (health condition of the players, relevant penalties), even if the matches have been cancelled, as the process was entirely automated.
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    I mean... If your boss/manager is old, you never know! Might be your time to shine and take his place to avoid the company losing too much experience/knowledge on a particular thing.
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    A lot of people had their contracts terminated lately or got ammendments that basically say "you earn half of your salary now". So yes, its good that recruitments are still going. I am interviever today.
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    I am sorry to hear that, I was not trying to be insensitive.

    Good luck!
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