You know, I don't mind getting dragged if I deserve it. But it would be nice to have ALL the information I need to make an estimate BEFORE you hang me out to dry.

First I was told that work on this issue could be kicked down the road since we were getting big contracts. The next day the issue was in the sprint.
I tell you I won't be able to get it done with the business critical stuff you said absolutely had to be done that sprint (turns out we had 3 months of leeway even before COVID). You say alright cool. We push it to next sprint. The next day you say we have been pushing that issue too much and we absolutely have to get it done this sprint. At least have it so QA can look at it by Tuesday.
I give a preliminary look to QA cuz I found a bug, but they can test other shit about this fucking issue, but then get shut down fucking again because it isn't code complete.

And as a bonus, I disagree with the necessity of this work in general. I think it's fucking stupid, unnecessary, and zero value added. It's a management jerkoff issue that is going to piss off all of our users.

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    Definitely. Bad QA is the absolute worst. I had a similar situation with an absentee PM on one project with a shitty little tester who had nothing else to do, so she sat in the room with the customer the entire fucking time, testing random shit, comparing it to other applications on the fucking internet and *suggesting* functionality. End of the project, we'd bloated the scope 1400% and had to explain why we were overbudget and ended up having to work 2 months beyond project scope for free.

    I hate that woman with every fiber of my being. Given the opportunity, I would subject her to endless suffering.
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