Job ad title: "junior Php developer position £20k-£25k/pa"

Job ad body: "5+ years experience required in Php, JavaScript, html 5, css, experience in laravel, Vue and react."

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    Fwded to Poland thx 👍
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    Absolute state of the UK job market
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    @odite what's more annoying is they pay peanuts to their employees and maintain the audacity to serve the "just get it done" attitude, in-addition to zero R&D time which gets on my fucking nerves.
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    Just a bunch of wankers mate. Soon you’ll need to bring money from home for the exquisite honor and privilege of working your ass off for their fucking company.
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    @molaram 100% 😂 let's not give employers this idea though otherwise it will happen.
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    In France, there are exactly the same ads than this one ! It's a real pain. How to get a first job in that conditions...
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    @Wesley Difficult job acquisition, low pay - that's how a market economy announces a surplus of dev supply, not a shortage.
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    @Fast-Nop genuinely would love to see a revolt amongst developers internationally tbh, companies would soon see the worth of their developers, or at least you'd hope so
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    Oh, yeah, my bad. I was just trying to low key recruit members of the dev team. Ended up hiring a midget and a donkey instead. You know how it is. 🦄
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    @Fast-Nop we should all just find other shit to do and let them end up paying $100k/y for a junior dev
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    @molaram I've already figured out that I want to be an underwater garbage man. When I saw a Coke can behind the seaweeds, a small part of it shining because of the sun, and mistook it for a sea creature's glowing red eyes, I knew I wanted to pick up trash that isn't me.
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    @rutee07 good for you mate, add underwater* to pretty much anything = multiply paycheck by like 10
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    When they state a backend language in the title and mention a ton of frontend related stuff in the body...

    Fucking die.
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