Im learning python and as it is an easy language to learn im finding hard times to start doing exersices and quizzes.

Can someone guide me on what is a the perfect approach in atcheiving my goal.

Thank you all

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    First advice : Use a good IDE.

    Second advice : Think the exercises and quizzes in a paper with pen/pencil before doing any coding.

    Third advice : Learn how to read python documentation (you are going to read a lot of it)

    If you still need help, try to find other resources for tutorials and quiz. Sometime things don't clicks unless you find the suitable resources for you.

    Code war is a good website for simple quiz to get you started (https://codewars.com/collections/...)

    If all else fail , post it on devrant
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    As previously said, first of use a good IDE like PyCharm

    But most importantly, if you want to learn a language don't do code quizzes and stuff like that. Start an ambitious project and google everything you don't know along the way. Trust me, the best way to learn something is actually doing it
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    This is a great talk about idiomatic approaches:


    This will help others help you:


    Obligatory reference...

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    I've been a big fan of Coursera. The python 3 programming specialization on there by university if Michigan includes an interactive textbook which is exceptional.
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    Thank you all for the help ill try everything to told me to...👍
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    Automate everything.
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    Look for automating boring stuff with python book.
    It's a good way to work around actual activities than boring quizzes😉
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