be me
> ask reasonable question on StackOverflow

“You fool. You think that you are funny to ask such a dumb, poorly worded question on a place such as this. You couldn't even be bothered to google it, as I found it promptly on gooooooooooo/goooooooooooooogle. So learn to google you lazy asswipe, we aren't here to do your job for you.”

[Question Closed]

> audibly sob for 1/2 an hour

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    Of course you google and what do you get? Plenty of solutions.

    How do you choose from those solutions? That is what you are looking from
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    If that's the case, you should mention it in the question, like 'I googled and found this: [link1] [link2] [link3], how to choose the most appropriate one?'
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    Of course you probably *think* your question was reasonable, and I know there is a lot of toxic attitude on SO (more for some languages/technologies than for others), but without a link to your question we will not be able to judge for ourselves.
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    SO is, at best, unreliable these days.
    People just want them sweet points, NOT to Help people.
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    Post a question on devrant. We might be able to help.
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    > People just want them sweet points

    @stonestorm People are stupid, then. I don't give a fork about points.
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    @stonestorm if you expect to rely on only people's good will your social project would suck. SO's art is creating more motivation for people to share knowledge than just 'helping others'. If you can earn points without actually 'helping' it's the fault of a poorly-designed score system that can be improved. It's not the problem of the concept of scoring.
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    I still remember my first stackoverflow questions... **sobs**
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    We all have the same experiences.You research every point , analysis every thing and when you ask a question you also include the finding of your experiments.
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