One thing I have realised these days is that I don't like the work from home setup.

Maybe it's the because of the bad working environment.

I actually appreciate office space more now. Once, out of office, it was easier to zone out of work mode and I didn't feel this much tired when working in office.

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    Yeah, you have to have a proper office at home.. not this corona ad-hoc shit most of people are stuck with..
    I'm also really bad at cutting of after 8h, because it bothers me to leave something unfinished if I'm 'in the mood'..
    At least my husband was sweet about this and cleared his huge ass desk for me as soon as our company started to discuss options of working from home (long before the gov enforced it).. so now I have an extra monitor and keyboard and all inatead of trying to work with laptop only from our bed o.O
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