Just saying, being in quarantine means that you are isolated because you might be sick, and to see if you develop symptoms. Self isolation and social distancing is not being in quarantine.

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    Ah, yes. I hate when people confuse it.
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    Yeah, because they(quarantine and self isolation)'re in fact sooooo different in what you can do, that one allows you to freelly move in huge crowded places and the other doesn't.. :/

    I mean WTF?? We are all treated as we might be sick, so they gave out the orders to self isolate at homes..so by definition we are doing 'the quarantine' at home with self isolation because we might or mightn't be sick and are waiting this out to see...

    If you wanna rant about tiny details that are debatable due to how WHO defines those terms and also how non natives translate those words..then please use the term physical distancing as it is more acurate when describing what we must do...

    Closing up and not talking to people and whatnot will not benefit anyone as opposed to staying the fuck away from others to prevent the spread but still chatting online or via phone to keep the spirits and mental health up..
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    @sladuled yeah, "social distancing" is actually pretty moot, physical's where it at.
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