My macbook air sort of exploded. I was working on it when suddenly it made a pop sound, turned off and exhaled a smelly smoke. This machine has 2 and a half years.
I called apple support but they said the smoke is OK since there wasn't any fire, and I should take it to a repair shop.

Oh well.

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    They'll tell you they can't repair it. If you can find a reputable shop that will do board soldering work, they can replace the power components and any damage. Otherwise, you'll likely be looking at apple care or repair.
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    @Nanl That must be a bloated LiPo battery...
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    There. New username. SortOfExploded.
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    > smelly smoke
    > smoke is OK since there was not any fire

    Ma'am you need to replace your battery quickly.
    Also don't try to smell the smelly next time.
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    *battery completely explodes*

    Apple Support: well there's no fire so technically fine, have you tried reinstalling safari
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    I think it is time to buy a new Mac...
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    Get ready to hear "water damaged, not covered under apple care".
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    Go to a reputable repair shop (read: NOT an Apple Store).
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    @kescherRant HAHA when It is more reliable to go to other store other than the manufacturer XD because they got it all....geeez
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    Louis Rossmann Repair Group

    Your Mac will smell like freshly sanitized hospital after fixing.
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    - What are computers made of?
    - Smoke.
    - How can you tell?
    - Smoke came out of mine and it stopped working.
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    macbook bad air
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    @010001111 I was looking for that
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    THE MAGIC BLUE DEATH SMOKE!!! causes cancer, ventilate well and grab the surface mount solder kit
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    @linuxxx MacBook Fart?

    I'm having bad brain time.
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    @010001111 i second that. Louis is the new jesus for me
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    @lanfiro I was able to open it up and inspected battery and board. I spotted a blown capacitor.

    I called the number Apple support gave me, out of curiosity (since it's the only one Apple Authorized Service Provider in my city), just to found out @SortOfTested was right. They don't fix it - only replace with new board, which costs 80% of the value I paid for this machine.

    I found out 3 places that said they can repair MacBook boards, but I didn't decide where to go yet. Pandemics makes everything more difficult.
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    Just to quickly explain the misunderstanding - it wasn't smoke. This is how soul looks like on a Mac, they add it in the factory process. All you need to do is to put it back in and it's fixed. Send it to Louis, he did that before.

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