I feel angry. I feel like smashing the developer's face who programmed this piece of shit editor. Everything I touch there just breaks and moves on its own. I fix the header, save, come back the next day and everything is shifted 5 pixels. WTF!?!

Plugins that they developed in-house aren't even compatible with their own systems. Custom code disappears suddenly. Editor doesn't allow two people to edit at the same time, resulting in lost work.

Seriously FUCK WIX.

Don't ever even consider touching this nightmare of an editor.

I could literally have hard-coded the entire site in React or Vue faster than building it in this editor, but my client wants the ability to edit things on their own later.

WIX: Not even once.

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    Yea I wasted over an hour one day trying to find where someone had input the title of their page so I could hide it from the top of the page. Apparently they had created it and another couple of elements that I couldn't find controls for, then switched to a theme that didn't have the elements in it and when they did it removed them from the control panel but not from the page.....

    Never again 🤦‍♂️
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    I'm questioning why you as a dev would even consider using it???????
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    wix?!?!?!? in 2020?
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    @C0D4 the client probably handed it to him and he got suckered in to thinking it might be quicker to just finish what they started 😅
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    @M1sf3t yea i can already see him doing the whole shit from scratch @the same price
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    @molaram before or after you made the same mistake 😂
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    @M1sf3t nah mate i see that happening a lot tho. most devs are too polite/afraid/hungry to say fuck you
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    @molaram i meant before you had messed with it. On the surface it doesn't look like a bad editor. It looked better than that shitty one capital one gave me when I start my mechanic service anyway.

    When I messed with it, I figured it'd have the same limitations as all the rest but I was expecting the problems my friend was having with it was from just not knowing what to do. Boy was I wrong 🙄
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    I had a contract that required I use Wix earlier this year and I gave up doing anything more than drag-and-drop after the 1st day.
    It's market focus is ppl who think you use Microsoft Word to make a website, so just put on your Local User hat and deal with it.
    Wix's editor bluescreened my computer 50% of the time.
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    @mghrist I meant last year.. Wix is a time machine that makes me forget it's 2020
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    Oh my naive friend! If you think wix is bad, try google sites.

    I once had a dev who was allowing his site to be embedded everywhere in the world and it was vulnerable to clickjacking. I told him to restrict frame origin and then implement a whitelist.

    My man comes back a month later with this issue of someone in google sites not being able to embed the element. GOOGLE FUCKING SITES!!!!! So natually i go through all the extremely in depth and nuanced answers first: we start looking at web traffic and find out that its not the google site name thats trying to access the element, but one of google's web crawler-type things. Whatever. Whitelist that url. Nothing.

    Another weird thing was the way that google referenced the iframe was a copy of it stored in a google subsite?? Whatever. Whitelisted it. Nothing.

    Over the course of a few weeks, i got more frustrated and finally asked the question: do other web template sites have this issue like squarespace or wix?

    Nope. Just google sites.
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