LinkedIn Smart Replies....

3 Yes', 0 No's...

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    So close. No GFAD tho.
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    These smart replies fuck me in ways I don't want to be fucked and that's rare.
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    Google's email responses are better
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    @rutee07 I took a screenshot and hanged it on my wall, just in case you were to say otherwise one day.
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    @asgs Not always in my experience.
    Occasionally, it's the all "yes" and no "no".
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    @Berkmann18 I've always seen 1 negative and 2 positive response suggestions
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    @asgs Interesting, I usually get that but not 99-100% of the time.
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    @Jilano I'll destroy your walls with my cock.
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    This is machine uprising. It wants you to get infected 😎
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    @rutee07 For some that seems doable, but others... Not so much. Besides, I wouldn't risk hurting such an essential part of my being in the current condition we're living in. Who knows when you'll be able to get help!

    Might go from Lutee-san to Lutee-chan, if you know what I mean
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    @Jilano "I wouldn't risk hurting such an essential part of my being." No one has ever complimented my cocktail hotdog like that. I am truly touched.

    *turns into Jackie Chan and bends over"
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