Everyone I know chilling and shit.

As a developer and having the ability to work from home I am being pushed more than usual and I think it is because of no commute time I am working more now a days.

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    Do you have to start earlier or was it your own idea to start at your former commute time?
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    @possum Actually I start myself when I have to leave for office.

    But I cant stop wtf is wrong with me
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    @BlackOrange You never started so early, don't start doing that. Once this is over, you can't keep that up and nobody would expect you to.
    Set your alarm later so it leaves enough time for your new commute to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to your clothes and finally to your office.
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    @possum if he starts earlier, he should also stop earlier. And of course your poop time is paid also when WFH, just like at the office.
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    @electrineer I see your point, but I don't know, paid poop time doesn't feel the same with the "bring your own hardware" approach
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