So I'm soon to become someone that carries 2 phones... I think. Sorta like work vs personal except I own both so more like rooted/primary vs unrooted/backup/specific use cases.

I can't imagine putting both phones in my pocket or on my desk... Or maybe even remember to charge the backup daily. Not sure atm how often I'll use it either. (It's a pixel 2 which I bought for live captions).

So how do you manage multiple devices?

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    Maybe dual boot, one os install with root and one without
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    @electrineer I mean I now have 2 phones, I need the pixel for live captions since it's only enabled for Pixel and Samshit.

    OP6 rooted will probably still be my primary tho. So I guess main q is how do guys usually carry and use 2 phones?
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    I have two smartphones:
    - 1 for work issued by the IT department
    - 1personal

    While both support dual SIM, I'd rather keep them separated for privacy, convenience, etc. I usually have to recharge my personal phone every 3-4 days, so it isn't that much of a bother, and the pro one whenever I can. As for carrying, I always have a bag for my laptop already, so again, I just put them in there.
    By the way, why not put both on your desk? I don't get the issue with that. Not so long ago, I had 4 additional phones for testing purposes :D

    PS: Wireless earbuds are great when you don't want to take your phone out and just answer.
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    @Jilano well not so much the desk but usually whenever I remember my phone out of my pocket at work, it's to connect to the battery pack. So guess first issue is just like you mentioned, how often do you charge.

    Send for you, the personal, u don't use much do just wait until it goes to like 10%?
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    @billgates Didn't think about battery pack, but yeah, my work phone is connected to a plug or my laptop whenever I can.
    I use my personal one for... Personal things, haha, which indeed isn't much. I do call from time to time, but it's mostly SMS, messages, devRant, etc. And yes, I usually charge it when it's between 10-20%
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