I hate it when you try to be friends with a "Tech savvy" person and they don't know shit.

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    Maybe you should stop trying to be friends just for their technical skills?
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    @xroad since I'm in high school I try to hang with people that have some of the same likings as i
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    @TechniKalMiner as i am in highschool I have no friends.
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    @Yivlx this isn't happening to me, noooo
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    Why would you want to meet people who ONLY have the same interests as you? The best part about meeting people is getting to share life experience, it would be so boring if all you talked about was the same things.

    Kids nowadays.
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    @Yivlx you see, i want to help others but they don't ask for help. And when i offer they refuse.(and i can clearly see my classmates(not all) are struggling with programming. Maybe they're not interested even though we are a maths-programming focused class.
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    @xroad you have a point.
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    @Yivlx at my high school the closest thing we have to a programming class or technology class is a computer science class and the teacher dosent know half of what he's trying to teach us.
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    @Yivlx lol
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    One of my best friends thinks he's a tech savvy when he's really just a paranoid idiot. Yesterday we were gaming and the volume in the game was too loud so I had to ask him to repeat what he said a few times. After a while he said "I think your headphones are broken because you can't hear what I'm saying sometimes", like he's an all knowing god and I'm just a peasant (I work in IT, he does not). He also once said "I think there's something wrong with your computer" when I had high ping and was lagging ><

    I also gave him my old iPhone. He sent a text to his job and did not get a reply (which he usually gets) so he immediately starts blaming the phone and eventually found a setting saying to "Not send text as SMS if iMessage fails". So he was furious about this setting and how it could be turned on as default blablabla. After some investigation it turned out the text got sent but he simply did not get a reply.

    I hate it when people who doesn't understand tech blame it for everything.
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