Feeling the need to know everything about web dev (frontend for now) already yesterday, though not having a clue, what to look at first, as it's its own universe. Everything has a million ways of implementation, combination and features worth looking at.
Already have worked with basic HTML, CSS and JS, had a short look a Typescript, being confronted with React Typescript + Redux + thunk, SASS, learned some basics of all.
Feeling lack of motivation to build smth to learn, yet I want to explore. Afraid to get stuck in tutorial hell, although I know, changing smth here and there in the projects is a must for learning. Feeling the lack of understanding the bits and pieces of what can be styled with CSS in which way. Understanding how npm, webpack, the strange parts of JS, ES6, work.
So ... freaking ... much ....

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    It can definitely be intimidating. I'm totally in the same boat regarding lack of motivation for working on projects but wanting to explore, especially during this quarantine time.
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    Try to find a tech-stack and get familiar with one. Like there are companies like Airbnb, spotify and whatnot, which have open source techstack.
    Then get familiar with the Elements and understand them.
    Then see what the differences are to others.
    Then play around with either and decide what suits you most.

    But still: Our world is changing very fast. It’s wrong to become an angular-dev or a vue+typescript dev.
    Get familiar will plenty of them and stay flexible.
    Have a look at e.g.
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