QA: Please Look at this Defect.
Me: Okay not a problem!
QA: Thanks
Me: <Starts to look at Defect>
QA: 2 mins later. Do you have an ETA on when it will be fixed?
Me: Not yet, I'm still looking at it.
QA: Do you know what time it can be fixed? I have a deadline.
Me: I don't know what's wrong yet, I can't tell you when it will be fixed if I don't know what's wrong.
QA: Okay. Update Me.
Me: Opens Dev Rant.

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    Fuck dat QA nag and fuck his/her deadline
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    The "I have a deadline" thing just makes me think how disconnected QA is.
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    Happened with me a lot
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    @Rabb, yeah we use contractors for QA at my company and the way our contract is setup it really creates an us vs them mentality. Meanwhile dev is like "Can't we just get code delivered into Prod as a team?"
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    The QA used to stay behind me and saying obvious things "Isn't it weird, it used to works right?" or "I hope you will find a quick fix"... JUST LET ME WORK!
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