Time zone just sprang into day time savings yesterday

I had a device monitoring data pollution on a roof that goes to a website. The thing didn’t fucking adjust bday the device stayed on standard time

I spent the entire day thinking what I should adjust for something that most countries don’t do any more why do we even bother with saving daylight.

In addition the timezone I wanted didn’t work right with pandas and I had to do the wrong way to get it “right”

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    Daylight savings time was cooked up as a way to give people extra hours to spend money. Also the reason why the US is now way out of sync with everywhere else.
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    Why would you even do DST adjustment for an automated measuring system?! You just run them on UTC, and if need be, the adjustment can be put into the visualisation layer. That way, you won't have things like a one hour gap or a double hour in your source data.

    @SortOfTested We also have DST in most of Europe. The EU wanted to get rid of that, but unlike "important" stuff like internet upload filters, they didn't get around to it.

    The original idea back then was to cut down on electricity in lighting, but that's not really any important energy sink anymore.
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    Yep, was indicating the US is out of sync with Europe on DST due to our lobbies. Ours was the first weekend in March.
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    @SortOfTested Ah yeah the DST switch is at the last weekend of March in Europe. The time in between is best because the time zone gap is minimised and telecons can start one hour earlier than usually. ^^
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    The European Parliament already voted to abolish DST in principle (or at least to abolish the intra-EU synchronous time change twice a year). Now, if the national governments in the EU can get their heads out of their arses for long enough, maybe they can wrap up this issue this year so next year we won't need to change anymore.
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    @Fast-Nop I ended up doing that after a long debate with the boss who wanted to sync it to local time
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