Fuck timezones and daylight saving time

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    I've gotten into small arguments with recruiters who called me at PST time, despite PST not being an option right now and I previously explained that I'm in AZ MTN time. She then told me she thought I'd account for the time change, when there is none here.
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    @Hobo42 Fellow Arizonan here. I love locally observed MST all year, but I work for a global company. Talk about confusion - it completely blows some people's mind.

    Actually had a problem report escalated up to our group recently that US/Arizona time wasn't properly adjusting for DST. I wasn't sure what made me more upset - that someone reported it as a problem, or that it made its way through 3 other levels of review before someone sent it to us as a "problem."

    Personally, I keep all the clocks in my house set to UTC and do the TZ conversion in my head when I need to. Drives my wife absolutely insane.
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    Just be thankful that you don't live in a -/+ 30 or 45 minute time zone. That would be a mind fuck.
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    We all have to go somehow.
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    @rantalicious @cmarshall10450

    Every wall clock, microwave, stove, alarm clock, you name it. One timezone to rule them all. Pisses me off the cable box won't let me set a timezone on it; it's the lone holdout.

    You'll be surprised how quickly you adapt & do the mapping / math to locally observed time in your head. Eventually you just "live" & think in UTC, and it ticks you off a bit when you have to coordinate time with other people, especially in other time zones - because if THEY only used UTC it would be dead simple & no confusion.

    I could go on about TZ crap for days. We just wasted several hours the other day at work going rounds with the network team because one group was listing all their times in ET and the network team (to their credit) was using UTC. But we all lost several hours of troubleshooting while they bickered about event times not lining up. Of course once they converted to the same TZ, boom, everything lined up to the ms. For the love of Pete.
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    I guess I should think myself lucky that I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Apart from when summer time is observed GMT === UTC. I don't need to any conversions. I don't mean to rub it in. Haha.
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    Fuck timezone indeed. I am on +12
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    Not as need as New Zealand, Chatham Islands timezone (+12:45)

    1:15 am for me and 2pm for them. Time differences are amazing.
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    GMT is UTC for half of the year so...GMT FTW
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    We should all have the same time already and some people would need to get used to be dark at noon.
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    Yeah, right! How does it save any energy? Light we don't need in the evening is light we need in the morning!
    And our PCs will also continue running. Stupid shit.
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    Use puppet and the following module: Ghoneycutt-timezone

    Class {'::timezone' :
    Timezone => 'Yourcontinent/yourcity'

    You're welcome
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    Fuck them long and hard. Especially when you have to export local times, but import at the other end strictly requires full ISO with explicit offsets. I'll actually have to process each item through the country's DST rules, what the dates were that year, does it fall into the weird window of 1-2am, etc.
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