1. There is nothing in this field that is impossible or out of reach for someone with the correct dedication and perseverance. Even if you suck at a particular topic, I highly believe that you can make sense of it through computer science, be it math, biology physics, finances etc. The field opens the doors to other subjects. This is true for everything else, but I seriously believe that Comp Sci makes it more reachable.

2. You cannot make development a quirky personality trait. There is more to life than just sitting around all day fucking with a computer, but at the same time that is how you hone your skills, find balance!

3. Being attractive and or charismatic in this field pays a lot, but also makes you a target.

4. I have never met more people in my life I wanted to punch to a pulp, and I worked in retail and was in the military....that says a lot.

5. Penises, there are way too many penises in this field. I hate being surrounded by dudes and since I grew up in a nail/hair salon I am more used/enjoy female company more.

6. Stuxnet se la come.

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    I believe there are more woman in fields like healthcare, fashion, beauty, marketing, design of everything from clothes to house decoration just find a niche, find company or make an app and you’re there.

    It’s obvious that man are more into computers, cars, spaceships, guns, video games but it doesn’t mean everyone need to do same things. Maybe there are dozens of beautiful intelligent woman waiting for your help and you just sit and moan about how many penises you see, just saying.
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    If you wanted to be surrounded by women you chose the wrong field. Maybe there is a niche field in CS that is this way, but for the most part no.
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    @vane or maybe, hear me out, juuuuuuuuust maybe I said it because I was talking about my job and not other places/fields? I don't know Mark, seemed pretty reasonable to me
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    @Demolishun well not quite. Previous manager at my department was a complete babe. She left and got me her position, and she has sent pictures of her office from time to time, seems very 50/50, also they don't necessarily have to be devs, it can be anything in an I.T company, marketing or whatever, I dunno man I just wish there were more females in my office.
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    Having females in your office is great until you actually have females in your office and your days turn into

    0900-0920: working
    0921: hey could you help me with
    0922 - 1600: explaining what you would be working on if you werent explaining it

    And yes i know its either her job or she wants my dick, but i just wanna work.
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    @AleCx04 maybe 🤷‍♂️
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    @yellow-dog 🤷 I don't mind being talked to at work. I am the manager and pretty much if i need to concentrate on something I just close my door and one of my guys can just take a message for me, but even then it has never bothered me nor have I had that from previous females in my working environments
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    It's all fun and games until you come face to face with the LGBT activist types (which seem to be the majority of IT related female workers where I'm from).

    Then EVERYTHING is a fucking issue.
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    there is that yes u___u
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    My fellow argento! (No idea what's stuxnet though)
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