Programming is possibly the most relaxing job.

5% time programming
30% time searching the web
50% time thinking
15% time pretending to be thinking

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    20% pretending to search the web about programming and instead looking through Hot Questions on stack exchange
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    I just found out it takes about 100-150 hours to get a Boeing 737 Max operational again after being stored for 6 months while trying to fix a NodeJS bug.
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    I mean if you have less noise at home than mine then I could work 125% more efficent and reach the 5% max.

    I'm trying to recap my thoughts before they disappear so I can build an algıthym which, is actually 85% of the all time.
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    @ddit I think the real question is if there is a such thing as an operational Boeing 737 max 8? What does it mean to be operational? If it means no software bugs I don’t think we’ve had an operational aircraft since the mid 1950s
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    @FrodoSwaggins well I dont actually know what is an "operational" 737. I was figuring out how to solve my own nodeJS bug and instead learned about Boeing aircraft
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    60% meetings
    20% arguing about why something needs to be done and is taking that long.
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    @Lensflare and other 20%?
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    Yet another 50% that thinking how to fix the last 50%' thinking
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    @zemaitis booting windows
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    @zemaitis actual programming
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    Could also describe a porn model..
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    @Nanos elaborate
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    5% time in front of the camera.

    30% time searching the web.

    50% time thinking.

    15% time pretending to be thinking.
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    @Nanos 0% actually coding
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    @Nanos 50% thinking as a porn model? Still not convinced ^^
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    10% urgent new feature requests.
    30% coding.
    30% they forgot a key feature. Redo.
    30% losing the will.
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    You'd be surprised how smart some porn models are, at least the ones that make a small fortune and retire early in life..
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    Hahah mostly all be agree, may add sometime of relaxing while watching Netflix ... Or listen to songs and having snacks
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