So this is my first job at a corporate company and my God I need to apply for permission and wait for it for so long just to install common freewares for dev like VS Code. Is this normal? Really I am pissed when requirements pop up and I get stalled for over a week.

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    Also known as home to the devs who couldn't cut it anywhere else.
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    Sadly it is not uncommon in both big enterprises and smaller companies.
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    Yes, this in normal. Another thing you can look forward to is getting invited to all those endless meetings. Soon, you'll spend more time in meetings than doing actual work.

    It's no surprise that big corporations are out-paced and out-innovated by smaller companies.
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    @nibor I hate double negatives, better to say that its common
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    @SortOfTested between shitty startups or small time jobs and enterprise? I'll keep my enterprise :P
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    There is a middle ground 😘
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    In enterprise setup, usually there are bigger concerns about security (sometimes exaggerated) and having everything tracked in tickets, so that if something does not work out, there is a “papertrail” on that decision. I guess this happens for all installed software on devices, so yeah, you’ll see it again.
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    @upsideDown papertrail.... Nice wording. *hehe*
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    I ask about this in interviews. If they're not gonna give you admin access on your workstation they don't know what they're doing
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    Although usually they'll install something that tracks what you install and then they'll email you about it if they have a strong objection. Only ever heard about this happening for games though
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    @M3m35terJ05h i think that this is plain wrong.

    Nothing is worse than a locally setup dev environment security wise....

    And not to mention data security.

    Which can lead to very interesting things...

    Run an nmap port scan on all known networks. If it lights up like a christmas tree, it will be a hell of no fun to work there.

    And this does not only hold true for services - IDE's due to plugins and client/server architecture can be an tremendous security risk, too.

    And a firewall is not a full solution to solve this.

    Some people even go as far as to create a private WLAN cause who cares about HR regulations.

    And guess what. Suddenly an unprotected or weakly protected network grants an access with a full panorama of unconfigured and unsecured services.
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    @IntrusionCM Yeah, I mean, if I can't install software, my computer will be pretty secure. But I also won't get anything done.

    When I said these companies don't know what they're doing, I meant more in terms of attracting and retaining talent. I don't have to deal with asking for permission to install every piece of software I need.

    And frankly if you trust me to write code but don't trust me to not install dodgy crap there's a bit of an inconsistency there. I totally get it for your average office worker but you gotta have a different policy for people whose job it is to really fuck with computers
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