Don't try to make it perfect. For the love of god don't. It will never be and you will never finish anything

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    I just needed it now. What a timing.
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    @melezorus34 The best excuse for imperfection is going into the project with a mindset of "this is just a little toy I'm making for fun, nothing serious". That really helps me
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    I'm currently working on a project and making it as perfect as I want :P
    It has been going well so far, and it motivates me so much, knowing that it's the best it can be
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    This his home so hard. I used live by this bizarre "pixel perfect" mentality. I would start something, get to a point where there was a minor imperfection, and either refactor it from scratch (sometimes several times) or ditch it entirely. I think it's some form of OCD.
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    Depends on the matter..

    I had to add one column to some fucked up export.. ended up rewriting the whole thing with additional option to move columns wher you want them, rename them etc.. turned out all the little 'is it possible to...' were covered or possible with little addition to the code.

    If I had to add this to the old export, I'd probably be still trying to figure out which if else is responsible for resizing of the column number 5..
    So in this case my paranoia and perfectionism was a good thing..less fuss in the long run.
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