E-Mail from client who couldn't add the WhatsApp link in her website:

"so if I click the link they can directly send the message through WhatsApp?"

Why the fuck would you click your own link to message yourself?
How is it that people can barely speak and still be a business owner?

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    I guess it is the gap in understanding of the technology plus some ignorance
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    A looot of ignorance.
    Domt wanna call out, but there's such species that starts wit a B and end with oomer.

    And I am such descendant.

    They could have known 20 years ago.
    Though they chose to stick with their winning concepts of aggressive speech and capitalist warfare.

    Now they have become dependent on a few poor souls offering their sorry minds shelter.

    It's pathetic seeing alcoholic doctors incapable chosing from or even reading online forms. Falling for the cheapest of scam and binge watching the utter most obvious fakenews on fucking YouTube.

    Imagine every installable bing and yahoo bar plus the bookmarks sidebar open whilst the window slightly deranged from full, so that they loose more 10% sight of content.
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    Sorry to raid your thread.
    This just pisses me off!
    Fuck them!
    20 years of wasted work with the disabled because they are pretending to know what they want (yeah, changing their minds 20secs later) and seemingly capable of expressing themselves. God please rip them off their right so they don't cause any more damage.
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    @scor don't worry for the raid! I totally agree with you.

    Problem is that this specific client is like 25yo, I don't know the actual age, but she's not older than 27
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