Why focus is important.

Mr Miyagi:
"wax on"
"wax off"

Enterprise IT manager:
"wax on"
"have a meeting"
"wax dried during meeting"
"wash off"
"wax on"
"have another meeting"
"have a meeting bookending that meeting"
"wax baked on by sun"
"get out sander to remove dried wax"
"ruin paint"
"try to spot fix"
"have another meeting"
"paint is the wrong color, won't come off"
"throw it wax, start a new project"
"pay vendor to repaint car"

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    You miss the point where, just after sanding and ruining the car, he realises it wasn't his car in the first place and someone needs it RIGHT NOW!!! But the paint shops are closed so he sends you to get red nail polish and fix it up best as possible but you know it's gonna be fucked either way and just hate him for wasting your weekend on a shit job.

    In no way related to a large-scale intranet upgrade some years back and someone who decided to move the deadline three months closer - to Monday - Friday before said Monday.
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