Things you don't want to see at night
Ripped out of Netflix-Mode by a Warning notification and currently monitoring further development
Green line is temperature, blue humidity. Temperature rises at ~1°/10min, but seems to flatten just now. ~0.6°C to go and I'll have to head out. I'm thinking one of the ACs failed, but states are fine. Never trust a single information source for critical infrastructure guys

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    Annnnd I'm heading out. Looks like I'll get a small midnight jog in 😂
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    There we go again. Back into green territory and this time with a proper screenshot.
    Some weird edge-case with the installed ACs. We have two of them, each with enough power to keep the room cool standalone, but somehow both decided to stop cooling air, in some sort of fail-safe, circulate-only mode.
    Both ACs are on separate power circuits and each with its own piping done, but clearly there is some common factor that draws both of them useless at the same time. That's also the reason why you shouldn't rely on the same type/manufacturer for mission-critical stuff, see exhibition A.
    Night run was good tho 👌🏻
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    I'm curious, is this a server room AC? If so, never thought about how humidity might affect server performance, is it because of difference in air heat capacity?
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    Maybe one of them had stopped long ago and you didn't notice it because the other one is capable of doing the job alone?
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    @Kashmir too low humidity increases ESD, too high increases corrosivity.
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    @electrineer makes sense, thanks for clearing it out :D
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    @electrineer next time either write the full word or SMD
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    @Kashmir yes, what @Kashmir said. It's not too critical, should be between 40-60%. We're monitoring it, because it's a good indicator for AC defects and isolation leaks
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    @electrineer good thought, but the graph (over multiple days) would show different characteristics. I checked them Thursday and both were running fine. Also doesn't match the pattern of historical data, were one was running standalone. I'll get the manufacturer on site on monday and let him check, I'm probably not knowledgeable enough to figure that out myself
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    @zemaitis ESD is such an elementary concept that if one didn't know the abbreviation, they wouldn't understand the concept from the words alone.
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    @electrineer Not everyone is living in usa bro
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    @zemaitis I don't either
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    @electrineer Then ya need to pull out ya head out of your bum bum
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    @zemaitis even the French use the English abbreviation because it's so common
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    Went out over the head °°
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    @electrineer Germans as well
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