Bhai ne bola karne ka matlab karneka...

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    Dude, its devrant,not indian devrant.

    But am indian and find it funny, good one 👍😆
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    Something happens are 9pm?
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    Like... a *flash* of virus during that time?
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    You want all non english devranters to start writing in their own native languages?
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    Google translate result:
    Brother said to mean to do

    Can anyone actually translate this
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    Bruder gib mal Dönnerspieß
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    Hmm, I don't trust google translate now.

    I get:
    "To mean to speak sheep..."
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    For all those confused foreigners, let me debug this one for you.

    prime minister of India has told everyone to light lamp/candle as a symbol of the fight against Corona on April 5 th 9:00 to 9:10.

    The switch from light theme to dark theme is developer equivalent of lightning a lamp.

    Bhai ie brother in the sentence above refers to the prime minister.

    The bird shit in the middle of the meme ... Yeah not really sure about that one.
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    Wouldn't that be pradhaan-mantree?

    Either way, thanks for shining some light on the matter @sarcasm-fairy
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    We need to translate joke/meme to hindi or whatever language that was
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    @sarcasm-fairy does the police keep beating citizens with sticks during that time
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    O maro mujhe!
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    @electrineer yup only if you decide to wander around the streets for no reason.
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    @C0D4 reference to modi bhai sort of like big brother modi.
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    Okay looks like the translators here encountered the language of "desis" . So let me translate it from slang hindi to english

    Post translation : "brother (although a better translation would be the "big bro" or the "n word") asked us to do something, then we would be doing that, no questions asked"

    Post context : what @sarcasm-fairy basically said

    @thesagya comment : " oh man, beat me, beat me now "(literally)

    Comment context : a famous meme in which a Pakistani fan laments over how they lost match against india because to him ,they had almost won (weird but very funny shit, people behind him took that literally : https://youtu.be/CBdXsd9CMc0 )
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    @StopWastingTime YouTube link mast hai bhai
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