Does anyone else here use PuTTY to SSH into a linux server and then create a tunnel into a Windows PC on that local network for remote desktop to pass through.

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    Not to a windows host, but I do tunnel to other linux servers.
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    Why putty and not native ssh?
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    i use putty to crash my TV when someone's watching the news or some shitty show
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    @alexbrooklyn ssh is only recently native to windows, WSL != native.

    We have all had tools to use ssh in Windows for years, I use MobaXterm purely for the tabbed windows, folders for connections, and command mirroring, which are incredibly handy for working with many servers.
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    @alexbrooklyn because of all it's useful features including Serial and Telnet and saving connections. Also if you use MTPuTTY you get multiple tabs, folders, etc. for all the different servers and Cisco devices I use.
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