The people who post in r/php make me want to quit using php entirely and just switch to python or c#.

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    You should see the dick puss they post in r/python.
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    No. It should only make you quit using r
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    Don't go to reeeeddit if you don't wanna see retarded shit lol
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    We have old stuff in php we maintain...not alot luckily. Any new stuff we do is Python+Flask.
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    I like using python in a Jupyter notebook.

    But using it for a backend... would be just as much torture as PHP in my personal opinion.

    I've been rewriting parts of the PHP monolith I'm maintaining in Rust. I'm not *great* at Rust, and I doubt I'm using it to it's full extend, but to have type safety and generics/polymorphism/traits makes me incredibly happy.
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    Used php for 16years now. Never had a problem.
    And with frameworks like yii, u can achieve very complexe plateform in 2 weeks.
    Ppl need to master the shit before critisizing it.
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    @devapsarl shhhh don't use logic.

    We just Autistically screech about php sucking in these parts!!! /s
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