Pride watch face blocked in Russia? I just downloaded the wallpaper and use it in the photo watch face lol

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    Лол, на что люди ни пойдут ради радужной обойки 😂
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    Welcome to the Russian thread everyone
    Here we see Ivan and Vasily talking about restoring the Communist Reign
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    @shoop actually, hi, my name is Rodion. And I'm against politics on devRant ✔
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    Why is there so much red, orange, and yellow? That's just fucked up. Green is in the middle in a real rainbow.
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    @vintprox it was a joke about Russians, I hope you are not offended
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    @electrineer maybe it is but this is how apple does that
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    @sweetnothings you're right, indigo gets no respect.
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    @sweetnothings is it bad that I can't even picture indigo in my mind right now?
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    @vintprox you and me both brother. You're welcome here.
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    @sweetnothings still less odd than the transition from green to blue tbh, but I guess that's what you get when you discretize a continuous field *shrug*
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