Is there a slack or discord channel for devranters?

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    There were multiple discords but most of them just become inactive
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    I mind you, there is whole heck of servers where you can just chit-chat with devs in Discord like at devRant, with one exception that server won't be exclusively for dR community.
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    @vintprox But I want to connect more with devranters rather than some random ppl
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    @zemaitis welcome to devrant then, the best place to connect with devranters
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    @zemaitis isnt devrant just random ppl too tho?
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    Just join the guild around the framework you like, it most likely will have general chit-chat channel (in some cases even with meme chan).

    Haha, like dR is not a bunch of random people of fate)
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    @shoop You bloody bastard.
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    @Stuxnet After spending here 2.5 years it doesnt feel like random ppl
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    devRant is probably the most non random site I have seen. Because it is technically small (compared to other places) and because we all program and we are all usually familiar with the problems we have, you feel more "connection" to the rest of the ranters.
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    @Stuxnet is that how you feel about me? 😞

    As for discord, the couple of servers that are made ended with graveyards so... maybe a slack channel could work, but nothing seems to handle the rest of time like devRant it's self.
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    @C0D4 I thought you was known as "Random Australian dude number 2"
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    @Frederick 2.... number 2.... Eh, close enough. Who's on the throne?
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    @C0D4 The almighty jAsE
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    @zemaitis You might consider this, this one is currently active

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