Dude how the hell are u even staying at home, I have been home for like a week now and IDK what to do, im bored as fuck.

Umm okay try writing my code in prolog, u would wish the inverse.

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    Learn new shit
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    @rutee07 i shall send him this
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    @rutee07 you forgot binge drinking.
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    I am used to staying at home, it helps it's raining and still sorta cold outside though.

    Then again I already had the flexibility to wfh pretty much whenever I need to (though usually winter months when the commute sucks)

    But pretty much the same as @rutee07 except workouts...

    Most my interests do not involve going outside, just computers and internet.

    Only thing I miss is ordering out... And quality raw salmon... The latter took a real hit since covid started unfolding back in Jan though also prolly winter too... Not much fat...
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    In addition to everything that has been said, getting fined for going out (for not reason) also helps to stay inside.
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    > IDK what to do

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