Most... Awkward... Video call... Ever!

Ended about 7 minutes ago. This one guy... Seriously! I mean... 🤷‍♂️ Everyone thought he's just uncomfortably open but when he finally got out of the shower he panicked, screamed like a girl, fell down and covered his camera asking: "Guys, when you were talking just now... Was there anything... Like... *Weird* on my stream?"

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    Taking a shower in a middle of video conference. What a fucking idiot
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    @zemaitis To be fair we've called him in without prior invitation so he didn't expect it. He could've hung up, though. 😆🚿
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    There should be shower conferences.
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    @Creep With artsy chicks from marketing, yes.
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    @cprn Did it auto-accept on his end?
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    I'm like.. you could've accept without video, right?! And why.. why .. a laptop in the bathroom?
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    @Root Nah, he thought it's an audio call... 😆
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    @cprn Ouch! 🙁
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    @s-aargh Sorry for delay. It was a mobile device, either a phone or a tablet. My guess is he was watching a soap opera or something. 🤷‍♂️ We weren't exposed to anything waist down, fortunately.
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    @cprn no worries! Ah yes, ofcourse! After this story i always double check when i join a call on the phone xD
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