I was asked to present a code I wrote previously. This was not planned. I shared my screen and presented. Things went well.

One employee asked me to search a particular term which was possibly related to an advance topic in the domain we were working on.

I opened Chrome and the first page had a Quora post: "Why my dull co-workers try to act smart and are not yet fired?".


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    Mine was during a presentation with my professor back in my younger years of Tumblr. I was about to enter the web address when the first item that appeared in the dropdown was "daddys-little-girl.tumblr.com" or something like that and other similar sites.

    My professor was cool. She just said, it's fine, we all get curious. She's got a pretty dirty sense of humor so it was cool.
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    I opened Chrome and it was careers page of another company.

    Panicked, I closed the browser and opened again.

    Chrome reopens the pages.
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    I'm laughing on the floor...
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