I read the book “Bad Blood” which is about the Theranos scandal. I sent a connection request on LinkedIn to Tyler Schultz, John Fuisz and John Carreyou. I was hoping that their insights would help me navigate the red flags of the startup world— exaggerating technology, misleading investors etc. All three accepted it !! Yay !

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    Considering they're all old money aristocrats with deep family connections in government and business, very little of what they have to say will be useful to the average person. We lack the access and privilege to make use of the advice.

    Holmes got as much money as she did because her family is already worth billions. Schultz came out as a whistleblower because his grandfather, a former secretary of state was a board member and director of Theranos. That's also how Schultz got his position in the first place. It was the only way he could avoid destroying his family's reputation.

    Nothing about Theranos was actually about business. It was about games the ultra wealthy play. Even the book you purchased only served to further reward their too big to fail existence.
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    @SortOfTested Hmmmm...harsh but true. I actually didn’t purchase it. I downloaded it from Deep Web ! Bwahahaha !
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    @srpatil Nice to see you taking your part in destroying the bourgeoise, comrade!
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