If you could have a list of ALL bugs in your system, would you want it?

Like a document of hundreds of pages filled with everything that could possibly go wrong which would include both huge missed security problems and little mistakes that will never have any impact in this universe?

I would really like to have such a list. But I think a lot of people would sleep better at night not having to worry about hundreds of small issues.

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    I would love to have that, if, and only if it was sorted by severity...
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    I constantly try to create that list for my stuff.
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    I would LOVE a list of every possible bug in my system so I could fix them. Just finding the issue is 95% of the work.
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    @olback, no that would be too easy.

    It a very long list in no particular order
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    @LHofman "that would be too easy"

    Hire a guy to sort this shit and you're saving a ton of time (and lawsuits).
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    Is there a machine readable version available?
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