Me: "do you know about .exe files?"
Girlfriend: "yeah, like '.exe stopped working'"

*Windows exe immediately associated with bugs by common user*

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    Linux users would probably have the same associations with random tools that make their terminal display "Segmentation fault".
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    Just wrap all the applications in wine and you get the worst of both worlds; inner SEH with outer segfault. ­čść
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    Me: "Do you know about .deb files"
    Non-existent girlfriend: "no."
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    Since Windows 98 or so, they only see file extensions in phishy emails and error messages because the file manager would not show them by default.
    So of course they associate ".exe" with the error message. They don't know, what it is, but it always comes up when the computer does not behave as they want it to.

    Some users even have a small shrine next to their computer to calm the .exe gods...
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    @Oktokolo really?
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    @Ranchu I mean... If she would exist she wouldn't know either.... I guess...
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    Wich part?
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    @Oktokolo the shrine
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    Yeah, that part is "slightly" exaggerated.
    But i would not be surprised if i would actually someday see one...
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    File extensions are hidden by default, so of course they'd only remember from a bloody meme.
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    @Ranchu There is always Siri. Ask her, she'll answer.
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