Lovely unity.

I kept building apps for android for the WHOLE day, then I just change the app version and what do I get?

No android SDK version is installed anymore, apparently.

Now I'll just have to wait like 3-4h to download everything back again.

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    It's not the problem with unity.

    It the expected behavior,you have to download the targeted sdk version even if you build with Android Studio.
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    @mr-user Not when you change the app version? You shouldn't have to download the SDK twice
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    @mr-user yeah, i'm building with Android studio.
    I was just using unity.

    I built the same project with unity until the previous minutes, then changed the app version and BOOM! no sdk seems to be installed
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    There are different SDK version for different version of Android.

    As you can see from my Android Studio screenshot , I have not install SDK for Android Q. If I want to target Android Q I have to download SDK for it again
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    @mr-user no no no, i didn't change the SDK version or the target version...

    I just changed the output app version, the version code, from 10.1.11 to 10.1.12
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    That weird. It should work without downloading anything.

    Do you by chance clear your Android SDK?

    Another problem you should watch out is Android Studio update. When you update an Android Studio there is a bug (don't know how to reproduce it) which set the SDK path empty string.

    Since the Android SDK path is empty, the Android Studio may download the SDK path.

    Advice : Android Studio update are rarely stable so only update when you have to.
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    @mr-user thank you! Anyway, I solved by downloading the new sdk for the new version and just restarting pc and therefore unity.

    Also I was on a Mac, dunno if that increases the number of shit that might happen
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